For Sale: 1965 V8 Mustang Black Street Race Car (Restomod)

We are proud to offer for sale this 1965 V8 Mustang that has been built in the USA as a street race car.

Sold by us 6 months ago as a very light project to a Mustang collector who asked us to take it to the next level.  The car came from the USA with a highly tuned V8 engine with race cam, roller rockers, an electric fuel pump with pressure control and gage, and a double pumper Holley carb, high rise Edelbrock inlet, high-performance electronic ignition system, and Magnaflow exhaust system.  The auto box is fitted with a high stall torque converter.  This is connected to the rear-end that has a Detroit locker fitted (so two black lines from the traffic lights not one).  The engine now is putting out approximately 300+ HP.

The body however was not in such great shape shut-lines, door gaps the hood was a lift-off item fitted with bonnet pins and was overhanging the fenders.  The Shelby front was poorly fitted and the front spots did not work (driver quality shall we say).

She has spent 3 months in body and paint and is now refinished in diamond black and all door shuts are now in great shape and all electrics now work.  While with us we also fitted power discs brakes to the front and power steering.

The interior has had new carpets, a rev-counter with shift lights a 7″ display with Bluetooth and a great sound system, custom seat cover, and an upgraded heating system. We have a folder of photographs of the work undertaken by our selves that comes with the car.

So why is she for sale?

The car was too fast for our customer… yes, too fast (faster than a standard 1965  Shelby).  We believe this is a potential ten-second car and not for the faint-hearted.  In the wrong hands, this car will bite you in the rear end… hard.

To build this car from the ground-up would cost in excess of £50,000 today.  So if you want possibly one of the fastest road-going ’65 mustangs in the UK then give us a call.


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