1965 California Built Ford Mustang V8 Factory GT PROJECT

We are pleased to offer for sale this 1965, the very first year and very rare California-built factory GT refinished in raven black.

Ok so there are many mustangs out there purporting to be GTs but if you know where to look you can spot the real deal from the pretenders.

Let’s start at the front – all GTs were either A code or K code – ours is an A code. The radiator support has a pressed hole for the spot lamp loom, not a drilled hole (fake gt).

Disc brakes up front but no servo and with the extra-large master cylinder and clip top not screw on.

When turning on the spot lamps on the rear taillights and the dash lights come on ( real GT different loom). Remove the rear seat base and there is an extra reinforcement made in the floor for the rear GT exhaust hanger.

There are many more we can show any person upon viewing.

This is a California-built GT and the underside is free from rust on both back and front frame rails and floor pan. The bodywork has been refinished in the USA in raven black and is in great condition.

We have replaced all the chrome work and this is in a new condition. She is finished off with factory GT wheels.

The interior is the optional pony trim and is showing its age now and this is the main reason we are selling her as an ongoing project.

GENUINE 1965 GTs are cheap at £35,000 most are £40,000 plus – we are offering her for £22,995 for a real GT factory car.

The car comes fully registered with a UK V5C document.

All sensible offers are considered.


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