1966 Acapulco Blue Ford Mustang Coupe V8 Auto PROJECT

Available for sale is our 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe, originally manufactured at the San Jose plant in California. This model stands out due to its no rust on both the exterior and undercarriage, which is uncommon for vehicles of its age.

The car is painted in its original Acapulco Blue, complemented by a black interior and the rare bench seat option. The dashboard features a configuration typical of the ’66 model, equipped with individual gauges for water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, and battery charge, plus a tachometer.

The car’s undercarriage shows no signs of previous welding, suggesting that it has not been significantly altered or restored. The exterior condition is good, with no notable scratches or marks. Enhancements include updated bumpers, new rear lights, and upgraded halogen headlights for right-hand drive compatibility. The vehicle also sports honeycomb alloy wheels.

Mechanically, the engine has been maintained with new spark plugs, points, and condenser, and fresh oil and filter. The engine bay displays components refinished in factory colors with an alloy rocker cover. This Mustang is equipped with functional power steering and a factory-installed air conditioner, which is currently inoperative.

For those looking to further improve the vehicle, there are opportunities to upgrade the interior trim, door panels, and seat covers. External improvements could include new bumpers. Alternatively, the car can be driven and enjoyed as it currently stands.

In conclusion, this 1966 Ford Mustang is a viable project for enthusiasts looking to engage with a vehicle that maintains a balance between its original features and necessary updates for modern driving. It provides a straightforward base for further restoration or can be appreciated in its present condition.

The car comes fully registered with a UK V5C document.

All sensible offers are considered.

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