1967 Black Ford Mustang Coupe V8 Manual PROJECT

1967 Ford Mustang Coupe, equipped with a manual transmission and a V8 engine. The vehicle features a black exterior with a matching interior and alloy wheels.


The Mustang boasts well-aligned panel gaps, ensuring that the doors, hood, and trunk operate smoothly. Both front and rear bumpers have been recently replaced, and the car includes a GT rear lower panel with twin exhaust outlets. All exterior brightwork is maintained in very good condition.


The interior is functional and can be used as-is, though there is potential for further enhancements, such as new carpeting or an updated instrument cluster, to refine its appearance.

Engine Bay

The engine bay has been thoroughly serviced, with updates including new engine oil, filters, spark plugs, points, and condensers. New rocker covers and an air cleaner have also been fitted, ensuring the engine bay is prepared and presentable.


Inspection of the underbody shows that the front and rear frame rails, as well as the drop-off panels next to the fuel tank, are in good condition, indicating sound structural integrity.


The car starts and idles smoothly, with a transmission that shifts cleanly and a ride that is characteristic of 1960s Mustangs, free from any disruptive noises.

This 1967 Mustang is a viable project vehicle, ready for use and potential customization. It offers a solid base for restoration or modification, suited to those looking to own and potentially personalize a classic car.

The car comes fully registered with a UK V5C document.

All sensible offers are considered.

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