1967 Red Ford Mustang Coupe V8 Manual PROJECT

As the warmer months approach, we are delighted to present our latest offering: a 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe, a desirable project vehicle for enthusiasts and collectors. This particular model, powered by a V8 engine paired with a manual transmission, stands out in its rarity, as the majority of Mustangs from this era came equipped with automatic transmissions.

The vehicle boasts a striking exterior, having been repainted in the vibrant Ford Race Red. Enhancements include new bumpers at both the front and rear, alongside a meticulously refurbished grille. It rides on original GT wheels, which are in excellent condition and shod with high-quality tires.

In the rear, the addition of a GT rear panel and twin GT exhausts not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to a more aggressive exhaust note. Under the hood, the engine has undergone a comprehensive service. This includes the replacement of spark plugs, points, and condenser, alongside fresh oil and filters and the installation of an in-line fuel filter. The engine dressing reflects our commitment to presenting projects that are as visually appealing as they are mechanically sound.

The car demonstrates exceptional integrity, with no discernible leaks from the water, oil, or gearbox systems. It starts effortlessly, idling with remarkable smoothness. The transmission engages with precision, ensuring a seamless transition from a standstill and smooth gear shifts throughout.

Inside, the vehicle features well-maintained front and rear seats. While already in good condition, enthusiasts looking to elevate this Mustang to new heights might consider the addition of new carpeting, a dash pad, door cards, and a clock binnacle for a refreshed interior ambiance.

The vehicle’s undercarriage is in exemplary condition, with original flooring and both rear and front frame rails showing no signs of compromise. Even the battery tray remains in excellent condition, underscoring the overall well-maintained state of the vehicle.

In summary, this 57-year-old Mustang presents a compelling project for those seeking a vehicle that combines classic charm with the satisfaction of personal customization. It is not only visually appealing but also mechanically sound, offering a smooth driving experience as demonstrated in our video showcase. This Mustang represents a lightly demanding project, perfect for those looking to undertake a rewarding venture into vehicle restoration.

The car comes fully registered with a UK V5C document.

All sensible offers are considered.

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