Porsche 924 Manual 1982 PROJECT

Most of you will know us for our Mustang projects. But this year we took this Porsche 924 in part-exchange for one of our Mustangs.

Having owned one myself in the early 80’s I guess it was a walk down memory lane for me. I intended to put her through our workshop and fully recommission her, but as with all good intentions life or business gets in the way. So it is with great regret I am letting her go hopefully to someone who will give her the love she deserves.

she is a 1982 924 5-speed manual finished in original factory metallic blue with the sort-after Targa top.

The body is in great condition and very unusual for 924’s of the early 80’s – no rust in the doors, wings, or rear quarters, and most importantly none in the sills or floor pans and wheel arches where mud builds up and causes rust.

The wheels are original Porsche items with no signs or damage. All glass is in very good condition including the rear tailgate. 

The body is straight with no signs of any accident damage at any time in the last 41 years.

The interior is a normal 1982 924 the front seats need some attention. The dash has an aftermarket cover and this looks great.

She is a great project that has never been played with or modified in any way and is completely original, and as we all know a car is only original once.

The car comes fully registered with a UK V5C document.

All sensible offers are considered.

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