SOLD: “Veronica” 1965 GT350H Mustang Shelby Hertz Replica

shelby-gt350h-herz-mustang-48For sale on behalf of the original owner of this vehicle that has been in his ownership for just over three years and only covered approximately 1000 miles in that time.

This is a 1965 GT350H Shelby Hertz Replica.  This is now a magazine front cover feature car appearing in AMERICAN CAR on April 2014.  The only reason for the sale; owner is retiring overseas.  This must be one of the closest replicas on the market.

In the Autumn of 1965 Shelby Motors put together a deal with the Hertz car rental company to supply what would become know as the Hertz “Rent-a-racer”.  Only 1,001 of these special vehicles were produced following the deal in 1965.  The car was unbelievable successful, costing only $17 per day plus 17c per mile.  Unfortunately, the majority of the vehicles were abused and mistreated by the renters – some even having roll-cages welded in on a Friday, raced Saturday and Sunday and returned to Hertz on the Monday with the roll-cages removed.  The car was so fast for its day that hundreds were wrecked and written off within the first year of launch.  It was a financial disaster for Hertz and the deal was cancelled after only one year.  However, surviving vehicles today are worth in excess of £150,000.

“Veronica” is one of the most authentic reproductions of this iconic pony car.  She is finished in Raven Black with Gold (Bronze Powder) side and Le Mans racing stripes just as the original.  Although not a “K” code as the originals were, our vehicle is the high performance “A” code which includes 4 barrel carburettor, tubular headers and high performance heads.

Built in the USA, the builder has strived to get every single detail as accurate as possible to the original including the exhausts existing through the rear valance with the correct tips.  The fuel filler cap is of the correct Shelby style, the wheels are the correct style for the Hertz model and even down to the perspex rear quarter lights in replacement of the standard louvers.

The interior has been finished to the correct spec and style as the original Hertz, which is black on black.  Under the hood, she even has the correct Shelby logos and insignia.

  • Reproduced to the highest standard and detail
  • Stunning iconic vehicle, a complete collectors showpiece
  • Virtually indistinguishable from original Hertz model
  • Raven Black with Gold side stripes and Le Mans racing stripes down the middle of the car
  • Features all correct graphics and decals as of the original
  • Detailed engine bay
  • 289 V8 “A” code high performance engine
  • Automatic transmission
  • Will only increase in value


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